Take the worry of Ransomware, CEO Fraud, Phishing, or another vicious email attacks away from your business, we’ve got you the solution you need.

Full Stack Email Security

Why settle for less when you get the best protection around with Full Stack Cloud Email Security Service. A combination of top of the line encryption, security policies, content and connection filtering, security feeds and threat intelligence to prevent and protect your email. With full stack email security, you will never have to worry about ransomware or any other email threat again.

SaaS Encryption Suite

As email becomes more and more essential to business, companies must ensure that they are protecting their communications from snooping and hacking. Email Laundry currently offer three different encryption options that allow companies to choose the best option for their needs. Whether you need PDF encrypted email, secure portal encryption, or TLS encryption; they have got you covered.

Phishing Awareness Training

One of the biggest threats facing businesses today are phishing emails; these attacks can cost companies millions in lost due to CEO fraud, ransomware, and other nasty tactics. These emails can easily slip through lesser email filters and leave your protection in the hands of your employees, are yours prepared?

Cyber Threat Intelligence Feeds

This new service helps keep you safe by offering you a chance to prevent attacks before they even happen. With threat intelligence feeds you can identify the motivations, goals, techniques, and targets of cyber criminals, allowing your company to supply proactive protection. Whether you want to implement these feeds into your own security or want to see them along with your security services.

Email Continuity

No business likes the idea of downtime, it means employees aren’t working and opportunity is being loss. We understand that and want to ensure it never happens to your company so Email Laundry has designed a flawless email continuity service to keep emails flowing even when the normal service is unavailable. With servers placed around the world, they hold a 99.99% uptime rate and have helped companies work through natural disasters, blackouts, and much more.

Email Archiving

Email Archiving is crucial to any company in the 21st century, Email Laundry offer a comprehensive email archiving package, that offers you complete control over your previous email, whether it be for customer service, legal, or another need. Their service helps to reduce the cost of producing emails in court thanks to our easy to use electronic delivery, provide users with a disaster recovery option anywhere at any time, and can be integrated seamlessly into your native email client.

Office 365 Email Branding & Signatures

Your company brand is the face of your company, make sure you are giving the right impression. With Email Laundry’s simple to use email branding and signature service, you can design and produce branding and signatures for all your employees with one simple interface right from your desk. Have an event or special promotion you want to advertise? With this easy to use service, you can ensure it’s promoted in the proper way and see your click-through rates (CTRs) go way up!

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