IDCIT are passionate about helping local causes strive in order to help the community. When we found out that North Queensferry Football Club were in need of a sponsor to help run their youth team we jumped at the chance! That was one year ago, so we took time to find out where they are now.

We spoke to the head coach to see how the team was doing and how IDCIT sponsoring them helped.

“North Queensferry FC was formed in February of this year with nothing more than a group of willing parents/volunteers and our players. As you can imagine the prospect of starting a new football club from scratch are fairly daunting, none more so than the financial aspects. At a bare minimum any new club needs footballs, basic training equipment and strips to play in.

IDCIT stepped in and helped without hesitation and it made our early months so much easier. IDCIT’s sponsorship has helped pay for various things that our team needs, most all our first ever home strips for the players. But they did not stop there, IDCIT have built and maintained our club website, helped with social media and several other things as well.

Without sponsors such as IDCIT new clubs like North Queensferry FC would not stand a chance, we are truly grateful for their support and ongoing help.”

We are proud that the boys are doing so well and are still enjoying playing football. IDCIT take pride in knowing we helped such a great cause, but for us we only played a small part in the success of North Queensferry Football club. If it wasn’t for all the coaches, parents and especially the players all doing their part on a daily basis the team wouldn’t be in the position they are today. IDCIT are proud to play its part in helping, but for us it’s down to every single person at the club that makes it a success.

We wish the boys every success in the future, and will continue to play our part in helping anyway we can.